Basschamps prediction and a BIG congrats to one of my best friends on the planet

Got a text from an ole buddy of mine today. He and his beautiful lil lady had their first child a few days back. He was the best man in my wedding many moons ago and I could not be happier for him. He is a blessed man to be where he is right now. Proud of ya Tom! and you deserve it.


Here is Camden!




and one proud pop……





Love ya T.




Let’s talk fishing for a moment. I took my loaner boat out for a spin today and let me tell you I’m pumped. The loaner is a 2014 21xs as well. I am a bit naked without my Lowrance fishfinders. This boat has the 1198’s and I had them on my 2011 Ranger, but it was a year and half ago. Having to re-learn the birds will take a few trips. I do like the birds though and the biggest reason? You can run both Lakemaster and navionics. So why didn’t I get Birds? The Lowrance Touch 12. Just a beast of a fishing tool and I have had A LOT of luck with Lowrance. Enough about boats. Mr. Steve and I did do a little fishing today. Sure was fun to get out there with such great weather and with an even greater friend. We fished for a couple of hours and yes we caught fish….two to be exact. Mr Steve caught a 7ish lber and I caught one that I hung the scales that went 9.42 pounds. I’ll post the pics and talk about how we caught em tomorrow or Sunday after the the Basschamps tourney. I also have another trip to Harker Heights tomorrow. Take a look at my champs predictions. (3 fish limit)


Check line: 11 lbs

Big fish: 10.53 lbs

Winning Bag (and it won’t have the 10 lber in it): 20.54 lbs


There will be more ZEROS than heros tomorrow folks……..looking forward to the results and want to wish everyone the best of luck.






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