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Falcon Report

Basschamps, a new ride, and Pro Anglers Marine

By October 30, 2012No Comments

Well my Basschamps predictions were low and I had a feeling a few would get on the fish and they did. When you stick the best sticks in Texas on the best lake as I have said before somebody will get on em. To nobodies surprise Charlie Haralson and his dad Bubba won the tourny. Congrats to them….they are tough to beat here on Falcon. There was some controversy over big fish as many have heard and it’s a sad situation for tournament bass fishing and yet another black eye. I am going to avoid talking about it here because to be honest I don’t have all the facts and I don’t like to speculate and talk out of my backside. Playing the he said, she said card is not my thing. It’s easy to do that when you can hide behind a keyboard, not so much when you are in the public eye. On to brighter news……I took out the new ride today and got 3 hours of break-in time on the motor. I followed the break-in to a T. Hoping I didn’t “make” any oil…lol. I am taking it out tomorrow for it’s first guided trip. I even bought a new net for it. I would like to thank the fine folks at Pro Anglers Marine. Joe and Hector are top notch and will go out of their way to help you out. If you are thinking about buying a boat give em a call and ask for the “10 lbs or bust” special. lol. I did fish for an hour today and worked the mouth of a creek on the the North end of the lake for 6 fish. One was decent and the others were runts. All fish were caught on 6xds in 10 to 15 fow. See ya tomorrow, bed time.