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Bass, Crappie, Walruses oh my!


We aren’t in Kansas and we certainly aren’t in the Summer anymore either. October was a mixed bag for me and November is starting out the same way. My best days out here on Falcon have been the worst weather days and the really nice upper 80’s days have been tough. VERY strange to say the very least. Another oddity is the morning bite on the really cold days has been fantastic…..flip the switch to a beautiful warm morning? It’s tough to blow em out with dynamite and in many instances you are waiting until after lunch before you start running into active fish. We have been catching fish all over the lake and in every sort of depth and structure that you can name from the North to the South. The best tactic of late has been taking big spinnerbaits and slow rolling them through trees, rocks and bushes. Big flukes and senkos continue to dominate the scene as well. The biggest fish we’ve boated since I last wrote were an 8 and a 9 courtesy of my man Geoff. That freaking guy comes down and just simply whacks on fish every single October.

Move over Reggie……you’ve never whacked on Falcon Lake Walruses.

img_0852.jpg    img_0851.jpg


Here are some more Walruses and JR Walruses.

img_0804.jpg img_0849.jpg

img_0810.jpg  img_0882.jpg

img_0886.jpg img_0881.jpg

img_0885.jpg img_0887.jpg

img_0880.jpg  img_0889.jpg



What about the crappie you ask? It’s the best I have ever seen……Never thought I would see such an incredible crappie boom and man are they fun to catch. Just ask my main man Elmo “ACTION” Jaxson. (screen name….all rights reserved)


img_0829.jpg img_0807.jpg



We are in the fast lane to 2020 with only one more month on the calendar left for the year that was 2019. That’s tough to write. Been another terrific year here along the border for my family and I. Ya’ll play a massive roll in that and it’s certainly appreciated.


Take care and come see me before 2020!



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