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Bass Champs results and the week ahead.

The results are in BOLD.


Alright…..tis the season for my Basschamps predictions which I enjoy doing year after year.


Winning best 5 fish stringer: 26.73 lbs

The team of Salvagno and Marbach paced the field with a very nice winning stringer of 26.20 lbs.


Big Bass: 11.14 lbs (not caught by the winners and would not surprise me if that is the only fish weighed for that team)

Team Schott & Schott boated the big fish of the tournament that weighed 10.20 lbs. They came in 8th place with 20.51 lbs.


Check line: 13.97 lbs

I was off by nearly 3 lbs here. The check line came in at a very nice 16.72 lbs.


Last year’s Bass champs I predicted that 50% of the field wouldn’t weigh a limit of 5 fish. The tournament had 52% NOT weigh a limit of fish. This year? I am putting that % all the way up to 75%. That’s right…..75 % of the field will not weigh a limit of fish. Best of luck out there Champs…..always the creme of the South Texas crop.

Falcon had 142 boats fish this Basschamps tournament. 105 did not weigh a 5 fish bag. That comes to 73.9% of the field did NOT weigh a 5 fish limit. Going one step further…..63 teams did not weigh a fish. (44%)


Folks, I do NOT enjoy having to tell the world the fishing stinks right now. I do NOT enjoy accurately predicting that nearly 3/4 of the very best South Texas anglers would NOT weigh a 5 fish limit. I get no joy in any of it……the reality is that it’s costing me money, but like I said in my last report. I will always, always, always keep it real and never not one time sugar coat a damn thing when it comes to fishing along this border. With that said…..when I send out the all call to get on down here ASAP? All of you reading this will know I mean it with all my heart.


I am working the next three days with two of Louisiana’s finest men. Rusty and Ron had been planning this trip for months and with planes, hotels, jobs and vacation days accounted for, this trip was going to happen. These fellas have hit both Sugar and Falcon with me in the past and have had straight up bonker trips including Ron’s MEGA walrus from two years ago.



Rusty also hammered the walruses with this 9 and change near miss MEGA walrus of his own from that same trip.



We have a strong Northerner hitting now and temps will be on a free fall over the next three days. I am hoping against hope that this fires these fish up and NOT completely lock them up. One thing is for certain….I have the utmost confidence in these men and can’t wait to share a boat with them over the next three days. See ya in a few days fam.




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