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Banner day to…….. SON of a #$%^&!!!

By December 11, 2013No Comments




We will skip to the SON of a #$%^&!!! portion of the day as pictured above.  Around 2 o’clock I was cruising to my next spot and blam……my motor blew up.  Oil going everywhere? check……smoke bellowing out? check.





That’s me going 2.2 mph all the way to the county boat ramp from between marker 8 and 9.  I had to have James pick up my girlies from school.  They thought that was pretty cool……lol.  I will be off to Texas Boat World at the butt crack of O dark thirty.  Being without this boat DOES NOT affect my ability to guide.  I will not skip a beat with my Bullet being put into service.  I have a 2008 21xrd Bullet as a back up and to be honest it fishes better than my Ranger in this shallow water that we are currently fishing.







Well, lets talk about the banner day.


Total fish: 24

Best five: 24ish

Kicker:  I really didn’t have a “kicker”….all fish were in that 3-5 lb range.  No dinks, but no big girlies either.


I had four spots today that were dynamite and 10 others that were anything but.  Once again I zeroed on plastics, but I’ll admit I didn’t throw plastics much.  The lure that was simply amazing was the one pictured below.





I have had that trap on and in my rod locker for months.





If you are not fishing in a drain, creek channel, road bed, ditch, etc, etc…(an area with a depth change) MOVE! And I do mean IN…  I spent a few hours today fishing deep ledges, points, etc.  Let me tell you…….it’s not worth your time.  I will be the first to report when it’s time to move out deep.  I don’t see that happening until Feb/March. (when they start pulling water)