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Bad to the bone……bababababaaaaaaaaaad.


This is Falcon Lake’s theme song right now and trust me she is breaking a lot of hearts around here at the moment. Make a rich woman beg?…not exactly, but making a Falcon Lake guide beg?


…you bet.


Why has the fishing been so bad this past week? Wish I knew the real answer, but I do have my theories. Check out the pic below.


I have never seen so many pelicans in the Veleno or on the US side, period. They are all normally on the Mexico side begging the netters for scraps and dead fish. Why are they over here? Mr. Steve had to do the 1 + 1 = 2 for me yesterday.

IMG_6070[1] IMG_6071[1]


When water temps hit low 50’s tilapia really struggle and when they hit low 50’s (and even upper 40’s for a couple days) for an extended period of time they begin to die off. Some creeks experience greater die offs than others and this year the Veleno has had a pretty bad one for sure. Last year the Salanaias had a bad die off of both tilapia and shad. Sooooooo what I am getting at is that the pelicans above are capitalizing on the talapia’s misfortune.

Falcon has seen upper 40 degree water temps up to 64 degree water temps all in a 7 to 10 day stretch. Yesterday I was out for two hours with Mr. Steve before this front came in. We saw the water temp drop 4 degrees in the two hours we were out. Check out tomorrow’s low…..


Yep……36 degrees. The water temp rollercoaster will be in full swing and going up it will not. Your name doesn’t have to be Bill Dance or Bill Nye the Science Guy to figure it out. Drastic change over short periods of time, whether it be water levels or temperatures, will have an adverse effect on your ability to catch bass on any lake……..including Falcon Lake.


yoda patience


I was supposed to work today and tomorrow. The weather, as you can see, decided otherwise. I will be back at it Saturday and will have a report to follow.





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