Bad day, but bailed out by the fine folks at Pro Anglers Marine

Well we fished for 4 hours and spent 2 hours getting off the water after overheating the 300xs. I know I have been running that motor through a lot of well um crap on the North end and I ran it a lil shallow while dropping off clients for a restroom break and that was enough to plug the water pump and game over. I will never be confused for the mechanical type. I drove to San Juan after dropping clients off and the crew there took care of me on the spot. That is sooooo important to somebody like me where time off the water can mean thousands of dollars. Thanks Hector, Joe and the rest of the techs. You say heck with the boat report shtuff?….get to the fishing? I would rather not. As said before we fished for roughly 4 hours and managed just 6 fish. Irvin did boat a nice 6 lber, but other than that…..meh. We had two 1 lb fish in our bag. Certainly not my finest hour(s) on Falcon Lake. Sorry Irvin….you and your wife deserved better today. Mr. Bassin Billy did score a very nice 10.42 bass on the spot where we started today. I just couldn’t stay there with the high winds. My Bullet has a little 24 volt system that is no match for more than 3 hours of non-stop usage. I got a chance to check on my Ranger that is getting some bells and whistles put on it along with some warranty work on the TM. I paid to have it detailed and I mean to tell you, the thing looks brand new. Looks as though it may be sold as well….hey Phil, you are getting one heck of a ride for the price. Here I go again talking about boats…….





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