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Back to the Dentist and a look at the weather.

Sooooooo do you want to see what not going to the dentist for the last 21 years gets ya?




Yeah that’s about a months worth of work . Nothing major, but there will be a lot of drilling going on. I also have two fractured teeth as well that need some love. Round 1 of a 5 round fight is tomorrow. My kids think this is pretty funny stuff.

waynes world



Well it’s official, winter has hit South Texas. We got blasted by our worst Northern of the early winter. We had 40 plus MPH wind gusts today and they were probably the second or 3rd strongest gusts that I have seen down here… was howling. I also want to mention that the folks in North Texas and Oklahoma have been in my thoughts and prayers as well. They got blitzed by some disastrous weather that destroyed property and took lives as well. Some of the pics and videos that I have seen just make ya sick to your stomach. Those tornados were as nasty as they come. Here is a look at our weather over the next week to 10 days.



I am hoping that these cooler temps will get these big girls moving and thinking about eating and getting fat for the major up coming spawns that are ahead. I am booked Tuesday with a group from Mexico. It’s a Father, Mother, Daughter trio. There was a MAJOR language barrier unfortunately, but I think we got it ironed out and are on the same page for Tuesday. My Wednesday, Thursday, Friday job is a Father/son duo from Ohio. I don’t think this little cold snap will scare those men much.



I have also been working on my 2015 Year In Review post and what a great freaking year it was……looking forward to getting that published over the weekend.


Cya Tuesday!





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