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Back to back……

I haven’t had back to back tough outings here on Falcon Lake in literally months and I am being generous using the word “tough”. I can think of several other stronger words that would probably be more descriptive and appropriate, but my Number one fan in Pennsylvania might get upset…….sooooooo “tough” it is. Brian flew in from Georgia and his friend Wes is from the Houston area. Brian got this trip from his wife as a 40th birthday present. Pretty freakin cool to say the least.


These guys were relentless all the way up to the final bell. You would be hard pressed to find two men work harder to catch 14 bass here on Falcon Lake. Thanks again for the opportunity men.


I am off to Sugar Lake with Mr. Law tomorrow and will be there for a couple of days. Tommy has some groups coming in that I will be helping with and will be getting a crash course on Sugar. Sugar has also been catching a crrrrrrazy amount of water and has scattered a lot of┬áthe fish. Tommy and I are gonna put in some serious work to find some go to spots for the upcoming trips. If anybody can get it done it’s Tommy let there be no doubt. Hopefully we will have plenty of pictures to share. See ya in a couple days.


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