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Back to back Sugar Lake 11 pounders

Here is the pic of my 11.81 pounder.



and the very next day Tom boats his new personal best that tipped the scales at 11.32 pounds.



The last 7 days have been nothing short of story book. Multiple DD’s? check……Multiple 40 lb stringers? check…..Multiple personal bests? Check. I wish I could write a better report, but truth is my eyes are burning and I’m literally falling asleep as I write this. Oh and I’m frantically trying to order a vented T1 Yamaha prop for my HPDI.


Yeah…..lil bit of a shit show. I was running along in 30 foot of water and nearly flipped the ear. I didn’t hit anything….just got weak I guess. A big thanks to Tim for letting me borrow is Mucho expensive prop. Makes me nervous running that thing which is why I am trying like heck to buy my own! If anybody reading this can help me buy a vented T1 (has to be vented) shoot me an email or text.

Here is some BASS PORN from the last couple of days!!!

IMG_2451-0.jpg IMG_2461-0.jpg

IMG_2435.JPG IMG_2436.JPG





What a wonderful week with a great bunch of clients. Gracias amigos and sorry about the lackluster report! I promise to make it up to ya’ll.









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