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Falcon Report

Back in the saddle……..again.

By March 29, 2013No Comments


I had a 3 day trip while my folks were here and Jim Behnken helped me with two of the days and I took Spiro and Paul out their final day. Ole Jimmy B. put em on some dang good fish… I could not do no right and combine that with 25 to 30 mph wind gusts? In the wise words of Si…..HEY, JACK! at least we didn’t get skunked! Today was Rudy number 1 and Rudy number 2’s turn to take on Falcon. They did a pretty dang good job if ya ask me. They just got into this bass fishing thing and I think the “hooks” are in em pretty good. I tried to fish several different techniques and areas. I wanted to give them a lot to think about…..mission accomplished. Rudy Sr. caught the most fish and the biggest and had an 8 lb “quick release”.




I told Sr. that it was probably a good thing that it jumped off. He would have been spoiled for life if he had gotten that one in. lol.


To the pics……..some of them(the big ones) are complements of ole Jimmy B.








Um eh……please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain or, eh, behind Spiro.


spiro and i


Last, but certainly not least!!!! Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy




No, No, No…..not that Rudy!!!


This Rudy!