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Falcon Report

Back in action….Falcon not kind.

By November 29, 2012No Comments

Just a great day to be alive and fishing today. I took out Brandon and Randy today. Randy is the owner of a big time oil business and decided to take a bunch of his crew on guided trips over the next three days. I believe there was 5 total guides. Big stringer was 18 lbs with an 8 lb kicker. We had 14 lb stringer with a 6.9 kicker. We didn’t have a single elite level bite today. Slow? Um, eh….yeah. One boat managed 20 fish…..we were in the middle with 15 fish, but 9 of those 15 came from one spot. ugh. At least I didn’t catch the kicker, heck I barely caught a dang fish. All 15 fish came off a 6xd crank. I have a bomber tied on for tomorrow and another secret weapon or two. lol. Was a great time none the less and we will go give it heck again tomorrow.