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Falcon Report

Axl goes out in style.

By March 16, 2013No Comments

Before this trip Axl had only used a push button. I got him casting a new Shimano spinning reel and he loved it. Half way through day 1, which was painfully slow, I told him that if he caught a 5 lber I would give him the reel. Yesterday he did great catching 9 fish, but could not get the big fish to the scales. Today? He only caught 3 fish, but………..




… guessed it.




Mission accomplished. A few minutes before this one I broke off a VERY big fish, yeah, yeah, yeah…..I can hear ya laughing out there. I pulled that fish through 3 trees/bushes before the 17 lb fluoro gave way. Back to Axl, I sure wish I had a Gopro camera on him today. He was in the fight of his life. Twice we pronounced the fight over only to have the fish swim out of trouble. Its last run landed it in the trolling motor…lol. What a great day to be alive people. I reach down into the trolling motor and got a hold of her and pulled the ole girl into the boat. If you thought he was celebrating the 9 fish day… should of seen this. hahahahahahahaha. Sooooooo at the end of the day I payed up and even did Mr. Axl one better….actually 2 better. I clipped off the spinnerbait that he caught the fish on and gave it to him. I also gave him the scales too. I am going to miss those Berkleys. Hey Warren, you have a straight up wonderful kid. Well done sir.


Enjoy the pics folks,