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At 11:24 PM…..Charlie got the itch and picked up the phone

Let this be a lesson folks…… is…………



I told Charlie to get on down here and let’s go whack on em. I had Charlie earlier this year in March and if you remember March it was a crazy rollercoaster of month that saw a little bit of everything. Charlie caught a pretty tough day back in March, but still had a straight stud walrus get the better of him that would of sent him home champ of Falcon Lake for a day. Today? The numbers were much better for us and Charlie once again go violated by a big ole girl. We had a great timeĀ  and have one more day with Charlie tomorrow. So far it’s Walruses 2 and Charlie nada early in his Falcon Lake career. Hopefully we can get a few to the net tomorrow for a photo op or two.




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