What a word and it’s one that I use a lot.  I got a phone call from a client today and he had to cancel his trip on the 4th of February.  This cancellation had nothing to do with the fishing reports either.  His wife had a stroke.  During the most trying of times he still was thinking of somebody other than himself and wanted to make sure I knew he wasn’t able to make it so that maybe I could fill the spot.  Carl you are one heck of a man in my opinion.  Take care of your bride and when you are ready to come back down, your day on the water will be on me sir.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.  Carl also found it in him to make me feel like a million bucks before he hung up.  He told me that he and all his friends look forward to reading my report everyday and he appreciated(there’s that word) the honesty and humor in my reports.  Carl that made my day.  Please stay in touch.


Back to the word appreciate.  I really appreciate the days like I had on the water today.  Did Steve and I catch a 40 lb stringer? Nope… bout a 100 fish day?  Nope.  Heck we didn’t even catch a fish over the 3 plus hours we fished, but I can’t tell ya how much I enjoy fishing with him.  We both have a dang good understanding of how blessed we are and I am telling you today was as good a day that you could have asked for.  Fish or in our case today… fish.  Mr. Steve and I have caught monster fish over our careers here (of course he has caught 1,000,000 times more than me….lol) and we will get on em again very soon.


I will be with clients nearly every day starting tomorrow.  I do have a few cancellation dates in February, if interested check my schedule here.

Feb. 9th – 14th is open as of right now.


My main man Steve


Rock and Roll!!!


Check out the kids tonight……They both had half time dances at the basketball game tonight.  They done got jiggy with it.  hahahaha



Sierra is waving…..





Madison is the one with the fire red hair…


I hope to have a fish pic or two for tomorrow’s report, but we will play with what we are dealt with.  Tomorrow I will have a follow boat…..more lines in the water for us, it wont hurt.




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