Another tough day…..small fish crazy and another dead Iphone.

We caught fish again today and yet again the small fish were active.  We got one Walrus and unfortunately it was me that hooked into it.  Dumb luck… hit just like the other dinks and I reached back and set the hook into big girl.  I could have thrown my rod in the water at that point.  These fellas worked hard to get that bite and I was the one to get it.  I put the rod down and didn’t pick it back up the rest of the morning.  These guys were awesome and wanted me to fish, but when the bite is as tough as it has been the past few trips I HATE and I do mean HATE getting the type of bite that straight up makes somebodies trip.  That fish would have made young Mr. Ricky’s trip for sure.  Ugh.  They only fished a few hours today as they wanted to get back to OK at a somewhat reasonable time.  Thanks for the opportunity men.




The end of the day ended with me jumping in the water to straighten the boat on the trailer…..yep Iphone in pocket…..again.  That phone barely and I do mean barely got wet.  Sooooooooooooooooo I took the advice of Rick and my buddy Danny and it is in a bag of rice right now.


cell phone


If you need to get ahold of me, call or text this number.  956-754-0625.





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