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Another scouting day, but……

…not nearly as productive as the last one, well at least fish catching wise. I launched down South today and man was I pumped to hit my offshore stuff after catching the heck out of em on Monday up on the North end in 20 plus FOW. I spent 3 hours and 15 minutes without a single bite. The frustrating part? I marked bait….I marked bass…I marked my drop shot in front of their face and I could not get them to bite. I really got stubborn and I’ll admit to that. I started out with the 10xd, then crig, then the drop shot. Every single spot I went to was the same story. They are there……you can bank on it. They weren’t there a month ago. You could motor over some prime real-estate and not so much as have a shad fart on your screen. I really believe that front we just got hit with really F’ed the bite up this morning…..especially after reading Tommy’s report tonight. As bad as it was in the morning for me, it was the polar opposite in the afternoon after I moved into the jungle. I didn’t have any big girl bites that I know of, but all of my fish were 2-4 lb fun fish…..nary a dink was caught today.



Fished from 8:30 – 2:00

8 bites

6 boated

every single fish was caught on ……you guessed it a baby brush hog. I did throw the heck out of a spinnerbait too. NOT one single bite.


I am back at it tomorrow with Bo, Linda, and Ben. Here is my written goal for them tomorrow.


Goal #1

Each BOAT a walrus.

There it is in writing……check back in tomorrow to see if Goal #1¬†was met.




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