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Another late report……Dr. Jack taking out a measure of revenge on ole Falcon.

Yahtzee, homework, walking of the dogs, and Jaime’s 5,872 reports…….that all adds up to this guy writing his report when nobody is home. lol…….speaking of dogs. My youngsters are growing up. Two of the sweetest dogs on the planet and boy are we blessed to have em.





Dr. Jack has had some challenging trips here on Falcon Lake. I am happy to report that this is not one of them. In roughly 10 hours of fishing he has boated over 50 fish. If anyone deserved a start to a trip like this it would be Dr. Jack. He is on his own the rest of the week and hope he continues to whack on them and hopefully have a walrus photo or two and speaking of ole Wendy Walrus…….


Rattle Trap……I caught 1.78 million on that trap yesterday including that lil ole gal. Dr. Jack had a walrus on and damn near to the boat early in the day. He caught some damn nice fish as well….mostly in the 2.5 to 4 lb range including the one we snapped a picture of below.


Mag Zoom Trick worm! and he also whacked em on a Kitech white’ish’ swimbait. (sorry Doc!… away your secrets)


The Cell Mate Spro got into the action with a dag gone nice Jr. Walrus too.



Certainly one of the best days on Falcon Lake in 2015 for this boat. A lot of action and a lot of fun. I am going to take these next couple of days and stay off the water unless my phone rings. I’m dialed in pretty damn good and don’t want to be tempted to go pound on em solo. lol……


See ya when I see ya,






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