Wife tries to kill me and Another great day, but……

…the fish didn’t think so. I went out with Steve today for a few hours. I really wanted to take both Steve and his wife Susan, but Susan couldn’t make it today. I say this because I had a spot for Susan where I really thought she could catch 15 to 20 fish. Yes one spot, it has been that good. I took Steve over there anyhow and we got 6 bites and 3 fish. Not quite the 15 to 20 that I thought would come off the spot. We only caught a handful of fish today with out biggest coming off of a spinnerbait, yes a spinnerbait. It might of hit 5 lbs. I have my hands on a couple of 10xds and so do my clients for the next two days. Should be fun.


Oh to the wife making an attempt on my life……



These wings dang near ended it all.  Hey and before you call me some kind of “cat” be careful I just may put one in the boat when you come down and make you try one.  Shear pain comes to mind……I tried, yes I tried to man up and eat these things, but by the 3rd wing I was eating more snot than chicken.  Jaime nearly did me under and she found the whole ordeal funny as heart failure was setting in.  Thankfully this embarrassing moment was NOT caught on camera unlike:




Sorry Danny…..hahahahahaha!



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