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Another day in paradise…..

…..James and I certainly did not beat the roosters to the punch this morning, but we did put in about 4 hours of time on the South end of the lake and once again it was another tough day. With that said I will not be skunked in 2017.



All of my fish came on a dropshot….(notice trying to make it sound like I caught more than 3) I think we nearly caught as many crappie as we did bass today. I know I missed a few that took swings at my ole monster and roboworm. If you don’t have a jackpot hole or two right now you are just shit out of luck. The lake is fishing incredibly small which is typical at this depth and this time of year. The lake should open up a bit soon when the vast majority of these fish move up into these creeks to spawn. Right now most are still main lake and mouths of creeks…..and certainly not everywhere. Could they be transitioning? Sure…..this time of year is such a dart throw, but if you find em? Hang on. This is my last week of therapy and I have been busting it….especially at home. When Doc gave me the green light to get active I put the pedal down and have not had any setbacks and continue to inch my way forward. Now I just need to stumble onto a few hammer holes that aren’t getting pounded already and that is easier said than done this time of year. I will be back after em on Wednesday…….still trying to talk James into heading to Sugar with me on Sunday. Will keep ya’ll posted.




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