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Another dang good day…….

…..but boy did I screw up. We got on some nice fish right off the bat. Clay had just lost an 8 lb class fish and I boated an 8.66. Clay then boated a 7.68. I weighed the fish and threw it back into the water. Do you see a step missing here? Yeah I forgot to take a picture with Clay and his fish. The dang thing was probably his personal best. (he has yet to break the 8 lb mark…..) Goodness was that a bone head move…..ugh. Clay did catch another 7 lber later in the day that did get photographed. (7.32) We ended the day with 36 lb best 5. Yes that’s 36 EVEN. That’s tough to do right there folks. That scale weighs to the hundredth of a pound……to land on 36.00 was pretty cool. Would of been better if it landed on 40 EVEN, but I’ll take it….lol.






All but one of our best five came on the crank and the hot crank today was a chartreuse blue back deep diving Spro.




I would like to give some props to the Cul m rite scales. I sent the old one back and they sent me a new one. These scales appear to be working in wind and waves, which is really cool. They will certainly be put to the test tomorrow. Wind will be a MAJOR factor……Big B is looking forward to the challenge. Oh and it’s back to launching down south because of that wind……man I HATE launching down there.









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