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An eventful start to August…..

As most of you know I have been holding off the Mrs. for months in regards to buying a new car. Well…….I gave in over the weekend and we picked up a new Mustang 5.0 GT. Hey at least it wasn’t the Cobra. Here are a few pics of the new ride.






It was a bittersweet day for both of us though. The two vehicles we traded in had been in the family for 9 and 14 years. Neither owe us a dime and the memories we made in those vehicles will last a lifetime.




My basswagon going forward will be our Suburban. I hope she has about another 100k left in her. lol. We have a busy week ahead with Madison’s birthday on the 9th and our Anniversary on the 10th. I also have to get my Mexico insurance taken care of on the Suburban. I have some Sugar lake trips looming and I need to get that taken care of ASAP. My next trip appears to be Saturday the 15th. Then the 18th and 20th. I also just got the deposit in for the 29th as well. Plenty of room to fit a day or two in if you are feeling frisky. I can tell you that I am on some big fish right now and with the water starting to drop I think we are going to see a little bit of a big fish bonanza here on Falcon Lake. Oh and speaking of big fish….I would like to congratulate Jeff Mergle. He caught a 10.42 lb MEGA walrus a couple weeks back. Here’s the photo courtesy of Jeff and Falcon Lake Tackle.



Drop me a line if you wanna go hunt down one them MEGA walruses……I happen to know where a few are.








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