An end to a busy weekend here on Falcon….

It was a challenging weekend to guide on for sure. I have not seen this many boats on Falcon in some time and to be honest I don’t blame the folks for coming……I would drive 27 hours if I had to. The fishing is good…..nuff said. The wind was also just brutal…..did we still catch fish and have some great opportunities? Yes indeed. I lost a straight up USDA approved walrus today on a dang t-rig no less. I stuck this thing and it was like setting the hook on the trailer hitch of a dump truck. My first thought was catfish. I wanted to see this thing bad and when she started to come up I let her. I was terrible as a child when it came to peeking at my Christmas presents early. We saw her and yes she was a bass and yes she was huge…..oh and she did a very nice job of spitting the hook out as well. Ugh. Today was dominated by my man Roy. I really don’t know how many fish he caught today. (he accounted for our entire best five bag…7.12 kicker and nearly a 32 lb bag) I know I had ZERO fish at 11 o’clock and I was fishing hard with these guys too. Jake finished strong and I had 5 minutes of fame when I had that giant on. Other than that it was Roy doing his best MJ impersonation.




no no no no………not that MJ


This MJ




Check out the double for Roy…..












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