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An afternoon half day trip part 1

Darren and Rolland got a taste of Falcon Lake for the first time this afternoon and we did our fair share of catching. We caught a 5 pounder for our biggest boated, but once again the real big girl didn’t find her way to the net. I am in one of those runs right now…….I am not even going to talk about this one. Yes, I was the one who had it on and I that’s all I’ll say about it…….ugh. Darren and Rolland have one more afternoon trip with me tomorrow and we are going to make a big run right out of the gate and let the chips fall where they may. We caught fish from 2 to 20 foot….rocks and wood……T-rig, c-gig, mid and deep diving cranks. I’m looking forward to another fun day on the water tomorrow and hopefully get these two a picture fish or 12….lol.





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