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Always good to go and good to come back.

The good to go part? You guest it….I went out to my home away from home for opening week of the NFL season. Here are a couple of shots from my room. My host hooked me up with a killer view.





My room was just under the ‘t’ in Planet.



The very first night I hit my biggest slot win I’ve ever had.




That unfortunately was the only real highlight of the trip from a gambling perspective. I ended up coming home with 7 dollars less than I went there with. My next trip out there will more than likely be for my nephew’s 21st birthday Vegas celebration…..bad Uncle time.


Now as far as the good to be back part? Of course the girlies were excited and dogs too, but it sure was fun to step off the plane and have Charles and his Dad Allen waiting to go on a Falcon Lake walrus hunt. Did we smack any walruses? Nah, but we got close twice and Charles now has an official personal best to shoot for.



She went 6.04 lbs… stop for Charles will be the 7 lb club! Charles’ Dad also got into the 6 lb mix with a 6.03. Yes Charles was having some serious fun with the fact that his bass weighed 1 hundredth of a pound more than his Dad’s big fish……and who can blame him?


Here is another good Jr. walrus for Charles that ended our day.


oh and a funky looking catfish that you certainly don’t see everyday while dragging a senko.



Thanks again guys! and hope we can do it again South of the border.





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