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Falcon Report

Always a sad day to see the folks leave…….

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……but they will be off to the real world bright and early tomorrow morning and I will be back to work. I have 21 over the next 22 days booked. I did have a cancellation on the 22nd and 23rd of April. I actually have a big window open now, 20th – 24th.


Here is a look at May:


and June:



Let me know if a day or 10 on Falcon Lake sounds fun……lol.


You ask how is the fishing? If you would have asked me this question last week I would have been brimming with joy, but a nasty cold front blew through here Sunday. Monday, Dad and I had a very good day with a mid 30’s stringer and catching 7 fish in about 5 hours of fishing with nothing under 5 pounds. Tuesday we fished from 11 to 3…..our first stop we boated two 7’s and a 5 and didn’t boat another fish after that though. The last 2 days the wind has been brutal on top of a 40 degree temperature drop from Saturday and 10 degree water temp drop. The North end of the lake is Chocolate milk from the hard South wind the last two days. The ole Falcon rollercoaster rolls on folks. We are going to have some great days in the coming months, but we will have our fair share of stinkers as well. Sounds like fishing doesn’t it?




My dad and I had a great time taking in the Elite tourney. My predictions were pretty much spot on. I have read a few places that said the Elites “whacked em”, “found em”, “figure em out”, etc. etc. etc. etc. Some did, but far more did not. They grinded EVERY single day just like the rest of us. If you looked at Basstrak daily these guys were averaging 8 to 10 fish a day. That is basically a fish an hour. 80+ percent of the field went shallow and stayed shallow. Two of the three 100 plus pound stringers were caught in timber in less than 6 ft of water and in the Veleno no less. Yes, that was the biggest surprise for me. Keith Combs is the only one that stayed deep and stayed to his crankbait guns. These guys did DAMN good and showed the world that Falcon still has some magic left. The best part of this tourney is that it should reset the bar a little lower. To be honest even with the bar set a little lower, it is still A LOT higher than any place in the good ole United States of America. At least in my humble opinion.




My boy Max is improving on a daily basis. He still has some weirdness left over, but getting better. I want to thank all of you that have called, emailed and sent texts sharing your stories and in my friend Dale’s case, expertise……he’s a vet. Thanks everyone.




Check out the first pic.  Dad took ole James for all he was worth.  It doesn’t pay to be a Cowboys fan boys and girls!