Alfred Lord Tennyson said it best today……

‘Tis better to have HOOKED and lost, Than never to have HOOKED at all. Yesterday we had zero walrus bites. Today? Easily 6 if not 7…….we boated a grand total of ZERO of these fish. I was the main culprit…..I went 0 for 3 in a comedy of errors. Let’s just say I got my @ss kicked and bad. My man Garrett got beat three times as well, but at least he did everything right…..the fish just came unglued via the crankbait. We all have been there when luck was not on our side. Amazing……Garrett boated an absolute freak of an alligator gar and gets really lucky that it didn’t bite off the crank. Unfortunately we were rolled snake eyes today on the big bass. Did we boat some good fish? Sure…….and after the start we had this morning I will take it. We REALLY struggled out of the gate. We actually had a few bass eat the crank which was nice to see. We also did some work with the full sized mag flukes on Trigs. Watermelon red and watermelon violet gold got it done on the mags. Garrett and Reggie also caught a handful on the blade as well. I really enjoyed my time with these fellas.  These guys were already talking about taking back to Oklahoma the techniques they learned here and applying them on their home lakes.  That right there is pretty cool.  I look forward to seeing Reggie and Garrett again come March.








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