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After a record setting day……

……….we left it on the trailer today. I like to keep things positive on this website and will continue to do so today as well. On the first day Jeff told me that he didn’t want his picture on my site, something about his publicist not allowing it.  Sooooo no worries. I’m going to post the pics that I was able to crop out their likeness and still be able to see the fish pretty well.


IMG_2373.JPG IMG_2374.JPG






The first day was pretty slow and was really tough to find active fish.



The second day was arguably the best day I’ve ever had on Sugar.


…..the quality was fantastic with very few fish that were under 2 lbs. Our three biggest went 8.13/8.50/9.52.


I’m off tomorrow as well and I will be making a long road trip with my z522. I have to get that thing back to 100%. I have a great client that highly recommends these folks for SHO work. I can not wait to turn the page on that motor. It’s been down for nearly 4 months……and speaking of turning the page? I am going to turn the page on this trip too.


Love ya Highstakesbassin family. See ya in a few days.




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