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A wonderful fishing family from Matamoros Mexico

Heading to our first spot of the day!



Heading to our last spot of the day!



As you can see it was pretty cold out there today. With that said we sure did have a great time, even with our language barriers. I tried to do some teaching and show them how to properly use a spinning reel, but I just couldn’t communicate well enough. I did get Lourdes and Cindy casting and retrieving the crig with the reel below the rod, but as soon as they would get a fish on they would flip the reel over and reel the fish in with the spinning reel on top. (reeling backwards) Now don’t laugh too hard…..they caught a bazillion fish today using that technique. I had them throwing my lil finesse c-rig set up and they just had an absolute blast. I sent them back to Mexico with a cooler full of Crappie, White Bass, Gaspergou, and largemouth. They are going to have a great fish fry. Here is the crew.



Cindy (the daughter) went to pay me after we got done and she said $1500 correct? I said no just $500 and she was like yes $500, $500, $500. She thought it was $500 a person. Needless to say I didn’t accept all that money, but was a prime example of the language barrier… As the title says, just a wonderful family and I really hope to see them again. Who knows I might surprise them and bust out a lil more of my Spanish repertoire for their next trip.






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