A walrus, a good time, a PB, and a magical bush

Well no 100 fish day and no 40 pound sack either, but did we have a good time? Um, you bet ya. Casey stroked 53 fish yesterday if ya remember. Today you ask? 5….. and one spongebob squarepants. Hey it was alive. Casey was still pretty happy at the end of the day as he now has a new personal best which tipped in at 9 lbs 6 oz. Everybody caught at least a 7 lb’er today…… even Wes and hell his bro law kept telling him all day that he didn’t. Classic bro law 101 right there. The numbers game was won by Chris and he had that in the bag when he literally boated 12 fish in the first 30 minutes this morning. We fished half the day deep in rocks and the other half in timber. The star lure I guess has to be the sexy shad chartreuse 6xd crank that caught the walrus. Certainly blessed to have such great clients and these fellas were certainly no exception.

Total fish: 38
Best 5: 36 and change
Kicker: 9-6
Total walruses: 1

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