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A truly remarkable summer on Falcon Lake, TX, Schedule for 2020, Vegas and the family.

The calendar has turned to September and the “summer” is officially (or unofficially) over. I have seen some incredible summers here along the border, both here on Falcon and on Sugar Lake. This summer will certainly go down into the history books as one of the very best stretches we’ve ever had. Here are a handful of pics from the last few trips including Steve’s personal best of 10.39.



img_0361.jpg img_0355.jpg

img_0344.jpg img_0359.jpg

img_0697.jpg img_0698.jpg

img_0383.jpg img_0381.jpg


I sure don’t want 2019 to end, but I have recently gotten bookings for 2020. One booking for the spawn…..




……..and one already with their eyes on next summer (and I certainly can’t blame them)….



I just got back from another trip out to the desert and man I miss the days where I used to go out and bring them to their knees….lol. In 2015 and 2016 I won some SERIOUS money over the span of 7 trips. Not life changing money, but SERIOUS money. The second half of 2017, 2018, 2019 Vegas has gotten their revenge. I went out this last trip with the idea of getting into the Circa Million contest and the Superbook contest. Weeeeeeellllllll that didn’t happen. On my last full day I decided to sit down at a blackjack table and win my entry fees. (1k for Circa and 1.5k for the Superbook along with $550 in Proxy fees) Two hours into my BJ session and I am ROLLING. I have my buy ins and much much more. After my 11th shot of Jack Daniels and 7th Budweiser I make an executive decision to push and go for the throat of Cosmo. For those that have enjoyed the thrill of the hunt in Vegas…..I believe ya’ll have read this book and chapter before. I punished myself for not getting up off that table by not getting into the contests. The only bummer of the trip. (as it was the main excuse I gave the Mrs as to why I had to go….lol….oops) Here was the best slot hit I had.



and here’s the view from my suite at Cosmo over looking the Belagio fountains.



I live to see that view…….


Our house addition is finally done and the girlies couldn’t be happier.

img_0694.jpg img_8927.jpg



aaaaand speaking of Girlies….Jaime and I now have a Sophomore and 7th grader.

img_0340.jpg img_0339.jpg


Love ya Highstakesbassin fam and hope to see everyone soon.





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