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A trip to the ER….Star Wars….and The Year In Review for 2015

I finally bit the bullet yesterday morning and headed to the ER. I got a case of pink eye that just got out of control. Monday I went to the dentist to get some work done on my teeth. That was all well and good except that the dental assistant was sick and had pink eye. She was talking to the dentist about having a 103 degree temp the night before. This convo was going on as I sat in the seat being worked on!



Luckily I have not caught the rest of that ladies HIV, but I did get the pink eye. It started to get nasty Wednesday night. Nobody was open here in Zapata and I still had two days left with John and Bill. Sooooooo did a lil googling and tried to control it with some home remedies. It worked and kept it at bay until Saturday morning and that’s when I threw in the towel. Not even 24 hours later I am doing sooooooo much better and my eyes are not on fire. After the ER stint we headed for the movie theater and watched Star Wars…..well I did a lot of listening. Great movie and my favorite Star Wars to date. Already looking forward to the next one.


I am going to try and finish up 2016 Year in Review post, but not going to make any guarantees…..looking at the screen is not easy on my eyes just yet. Here are my last three Year In Review posts from years past to hold ya over. Man I love reading those…..time flies when you’re having fun.

Click on the links to stroll down memory lane.


I’m heading back to the dentist tomorrow…….wish me luck.




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