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A trip to the dentist……and a Plankton with 10xds

By January 21, 2013No Comments

Well I was about to pull out and head to the ramp and the phone rings.  Nurse says bits of Sierra’s teeth are falling out.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?  So parked the boat back under the carport and disconnected the trailer and headed for the school.  I picked up Sierra and headed for Laredo thinking Sierra’s teeth are breaking apart as the nurse described.  After seeing the Dentist aide, it was confirmed…..Sierra “THE DRAMA MOMMA” strikes yet again and she sold the school nurse on her mouth falling apart as well.  Let’s just say Sierra has a MUCH better understanding of what constitutes a trip to the nurses office in the future.  GRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr.  I talked to several folks today that hit the water and the general consensus is that a light switch flipped on between yesterday and today.  I hope the electricity bill is paid up for lets say……9 months.  lol.  Tommy Law stroked a 44 lb bag today and had not one, but two fish over 10 lbs.  Before you quit your job and come down, keep in mind whose boat caught the 44 lb bag.  Tommy isn’t your average Joe here on Falcon and that’s an understatement.

Here is the link to his report from today…..well done Tommy.


I have two days on the books with another typical great return client of mine.  Danny is also my web guy and grrrrreat friend.  He is multi-dimentional…  Can’t fish a lick, but a great guy.  hahahahahaha


Hopefully we will catch a few worth taking a pic of and have an exciting report tomorrow.  Heck we might even have a video…….


This just in Plankton scores 10xds before I do…..double grrrrrrrrr.



Not cool Lindsey!!