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Falcon Report

A tough 48 hours…..

By July 16, 2013No Comments

Our rescue pup didn’t make it.  To say I am bummed out is an understatement.  I have become a major softy in my old age…..I am sure you can plug in the R rated version of “softy” and I wouldn’t argue at this stage of the game.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for an underdog and this pup certainly fit that bill.  I had quite a few calls, emails, and texts about her status……wish I could of reported a storybook ending, but it wasn’t in the cards.


Luckily the girlies are in Pennsylvania and didn’t have to see all this shake down.




I am going out to do some scouting tomorrow and just some good ole fashion fun fishing, I need it.  I will have two flipping sticks tied up along with a spinnerbait…….that’s it.