A terrible headache, some tough fishing, golf, some time off, and a big thank you….

Yesterday the fishing, much like the last 3 days before it, was just not that good out of my boat.  To say I have been disappointed would be a mild understatement.  We only had one REALLY big bite that we know of and as you can see by the pic below, I found a new way to lose a huge bass.




Yesterday was a tough day for me in regards to my health, which is why I am so late in typing my report.  I started getting a headache around 8am and my Alieve gel caps melted together a month or so back.  Needless to say I had forgotten to replace them.  I don’t think Alieve or anything shy of a morphine injection would of slowed this one down.  I made it until 1:15 and was very grateful to have Clay in my boat who was more than cool with getting off the water a little earlier than planned.  This headache was the worst headache since my surgery and I can tell ya I don’t want to see or feel another like it for another 2 years or so.




After OD’ing on meds last night and passing out early, I felt really good this morning and decided to hit the golf course with the Mrs. and then played 9 holes with James.  A 54 and 48 later I was done…..lol, man it has not been my week to 10 days, ugh.  I have some scheduled time off and it’s coming at a good time.




I have been getting swamped with emails, texts, and phone calls of late.  Please if you do not see your date as “Booked” on my calendar drop me a line so that I can be dang sure I don’t double book anything.  I usually wait until I receive the deposit to mark it booked here on my website.  For those that read my report and have or will spend your hard earned money in my boat…..Thank you.  I will talk to all you Falcon fans in a week!



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