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A summer to remember

People ask me all the time…..”Jay when is the best time to fish Falcon?”. My response is and always will be…….come when it fits your schedule the best. This lake is and can be amazing on any day 12 months out of the year. Just check these summer time fish out. Including not one, but two over 10.




img_5098.jpg img_5116.jpg




img_5081.jpg img_5113.jpg

img_5088.jpg img_5076.jpg

img_0912.jpg img_0909.jpg




Where else in the country or any country can you go during the heat of the summer and catch monsters like that with any sort of regularity? Summer time bassin here along the border is simply as good as it gets. As we shift our eyes to the fall I can tell you it is looking mighty mighty good.


We have been blessed once again with quite a bit of rain over the last week to 10 days. Are we going to fill up like in 2010? No…… least for the immediate time being. We still have a solid 4 to 6 weeks of hurricane season ahead of us and wow the Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic are heating up. Fingers remain crossed for a nice tropical depression to sit on us for a few days. Here is a look at the water graph…….we are back on the boat launch at the State Park. For now……





The summer to remember also included my Dad’s 70th and most recently my Mom’s 70th in August. I flew up to PA to celebrate her birthday. I had a terrific time with her and my Dad like we always do. My sister made it this time as well and it’s always good to see her as it doesn’t happen often.

img_5049.jpg img_0026.jpg


Of course there was some gambling mixed in……she’s such a bad influence on me.


And speaking of gambling I also flew out to Vegas in August as well. Yeah….this summer has been a blur.



That’s the view from my terrace at the Cosmo. As many of you know Vegas is my home away from home and has been for nearly 20 years. Soooooooo many memories.


And speaking of memories……I also celebrated 16 years of bliss this August with this lovely lil thing.



Looking forward to catching fish in the green flooded growth and away from the damn dam for a much needed change of scenery. Give me a holler if you have a special spinnerbait ya wanna try out. It’s gonna be on this Fall in a major way.



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