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A sugar coated Christmas Eve report…..

……this one is for you Mom!


I took Raul and his son Saul out on Falcon and we had a great time even though the wind was something straight out of Tornado Alley. Raul and Saul are talking about making this a Christmas Eve tradition. I can only hope that the tradition will not include the 30 mph wind gusts, but I can tell you these fellas were tough as nails! They showed up in SHORTS!!!!!




They come to visit family in the valley every year, but they live in Minnesota. So yeah today was a dag gone heat wave for them.


I decided to meet these guys at the State Park as they were coming from Rio Grande City. Normally with a strong North wind you can still squirrel your way into both State Park Cove and Government. Today?……no dice. There was just enough West in that wind┬áthis morning┬áto make getting anywhere down South a straight up no go unless you wanted to start the day dripping wet. Sooooooooo they followed me back to Zapata and we launched in the Veleno and pretty much stayed within a stones throw from the ramp and hunkered down. I was concerned about how well my batteries in the 521vx would hold up. (no clue on how old and fresh they are) I have no more concerns… They more than held their own on a day that the TM never saw under 5 and most of the time was at 7. I still had plenty of battery left when I put it on the trailer at 3. Very happy with that development. One less thing to buy for my back up boat the better.

I took a few pics and posted them on Facebook today…..a Jr. Walrus and one that had whiskers made the cut. Check em out using the link below.




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