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A+++ scouting day again, Scott is BACK!, A look ahead…..

I went out today to put in some work. I posted a lot of the events on Facebook and I posted that one of my goals was to eliminate water. I spent the first 3 hours today without a bite. Eliminate water? Check. I finally ran around and found 3 areas that had plenty of fish. Especially one area in particular where I just pounded the fish. I don’t normally pound an area, but I wanted to see if I could at least get a 3.5 pounder in this location. One fish after the next came to the boat with the biggest and this is no joke…1 lb. Another boat moved into the area I was fishing so I decided to leave and let him try and catch a bigger fish. Made a few more productive moves and one in particular that should pay dividends for me when I take Bob and his 8 year old Grandson out on Sunday. If you want to check out the ramblings and pics from today head on over to Facebook and check em out.




Today was a wild day on the phone. I had 5 people going back and forth with me in regards to booking tomorrow. Scott won the phone tag competition and will be in the z522 bright and early…..yes, that Scott.


Scott is quickly becoming a major share holder here at He has had some great trips this year including the one yesterday. Scott has been down here 4 or 5 times and has seen a different area of the lake every single time. Tomorrow will be no different and looking forward to him taking it to ole Falcon Lake yet again.




April of 2015…..

… nearly in the books. I have the 30th still open if anybody wants to send April out with the some fireworks.


May and June of 2015….

…..are both starting to show signs of life.






Summer time here on Falcon Lake is in my wheelhouse. If you like deep structure and chunking big cranks and carolina rigs for big offshore girlies drop me a line and lets get you on the books.


Cya tomorrow,



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