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A schedule update and the Thursday Working Man’s Falcon Tournaments

I have two days open for the rest of this month. (23rd and 25th) My next availability will not be until July 11th and 12th (Monday and Tuesday). If I can get you out there drop me an email, text, or call.


There are a few people trying to put together a Thursday night Tournament here on Falcon Lake. I was asked to participate when I can and to be honest I wasn’t planning on fishing them. I don’t want someone to EVER think I would hold out on them on a guided trip because of ANY tournament. I understand the implied conflict of interest. Sooooooo I reached out to Mr. Steve and decided if he wants to fish it with me I’m in………you can rest assure that Steve and I don’t give two rips about the money. This gives us an excuse to hang out and I like it.



If you want info on these Thursday night get togethers give James a call at Falcon Lake Tackle.




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