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A record setting day on Falcon Lake

1.6 million 8 inch bass caught in a single day. Ok, maybe 1.6 million might be a stretch. We caught 8 inch fish from 2 foot to 12 foot…..crig, trig, lizards, brush hogs, traps, spinnerbaits, and dropshots. Think that about covers it. The big fish of the day came in at 13 inches. We had a ridiculously strong 6 mph North wind that was gusting to 25…… lol. Air pressure was well into the 30.00’s and change and rising to start the day. Yeah I am digging deep into the excuses Rolodex tonight. Thanks for the trips Paul! Bring Larry back down when the walruses are on the prowl.


I am finally getting the chance to take out Sam and Dustin tomorrow. To say they have had a tough trip up till now would be a mild understatement. Their best fish was caught from the bank the very first night they arrived.



I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. These two guys seem like a couple of cool cats…… I need to deliver the goods.





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