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A not so sweet Sugar Lake…..New Cell.

Good freaking grief……Sugar Lake didn’t treat me very well over the last two days. The weather was nothing short of spectacular for Dyno Dan and I. We ran the heck out of Sugar and did everything besides move shallower than 4 foot. In a day and half worth of fishing we boated 70ish fish. (32 today) Problem was size…..we literally snagged our two best fish. (a 6 and 5.5) I snagged mine when I missed a dink and an unsuspecting 6 lber got in the way of an exposed hook. Dan snagged his 5.5 with a squarebill in the belly. We thought we had a sure fire DD… I hate not being able to deliver for a client and I certainly didn’t deliver for Dan. I’m on Falcon tomorrow with Mr. Steve. Our goal will be to shoot the breeze and catch a fish or two. Then it’s off to Sugar for 3 days. I hope she treats me a lil better this time.



My cell phone situation is under control, but I lost years worth of pics and video. Heartbreaking stuff gone. I have lost and damaged who knows how many Iphones over the last 5+ years. I was always able to recover everything. This time was no different except my photos and vids. The only ones that really hurt are the Christmas vids and the video I took of our first day in our new house here in Texas. Priceless stuff that will live on in memory only…….good thing I watched those videos 30 + thousand times. Still is a gut punch.


Hey give me a ring and come on down…..lets put some fresh pics in the phone.




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