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A nice 4 day break in the action

I opted to stay off the water over the Easter Holiday. We had our last (hopefully) Northern blow in Saturday and Sunday was spent with the family finding a few eggs and a couple of baskets. An explanation or 80 of what and why Easter is Easter was also on the menu. Monday and Today? Did a lot of paperwork for taxes, banking, post office runs, El Grande Tire (I need them to sponsor, hair cut, 521vx spit shinned and waxed, and z522 Falcon prep work along with detailing my truck. I really feel I am caught up….oh did some yard work too and Opening Day for MLB was yesterday. Tough to call them “off” days, but technically I was “off” the water. I have been kicking the idea around of buying a new truck and my wife wants a new car……lol. After looking at the prices of said new truck, I opted to head to the dollar store and invest in some rags and Armorall… My truck has been paid off for 5 years (2006 Dodge) Financing 35+ grand was just more than I could swallow.

cold feet

Momma’s push for a new car has not “stalled” however.



In fairness her car has 204 thousand on the odometer and has been paid off for 8 freaking years. (2002 Subaru WRX) Where the hell does time go? Seriously……… Man we thought we were BIG time when we bought that thing. 32 thousand dollars for a dang car, but boy did we ever get our money’s worth out of it and then some. Here is what is in Jaime’s crosshairs.


mustang gt


Yeah……I’m gonna need more than a run to the dollar store for Armorall.



I guess I should talk fishing for 2 seconds….lol. I’ve gone down to the ramp each of the last 4 days and over the weekend that chore was an exercise in patience. You see there are two holidays that blow up around these parts. Easter and 4th of July. We are talking Woodstock type stuff folks. Tents, bonfires, 4 wheelers, boats and alcohol and a lot of it, but I digress. Fishing you say……I did not talk to one single individual (9 total) that even so much as claimed to have caught a fish. Now could they be lying and just blowing me off at the dock? Possibly, but truth is Falcon and Sugar are fishing pretty damn tough right this very second. If you do not bring your A – game and a TON of patience you will be humbled whether you are an 8 year old with a spinning outfit or one of the very best to ever throw a baitcaster…..and speaking of the very best. This weekend I finally got around to watching my Tivo’d episodes of Mr. Jimmy Houston on Sugar Lake. Now listen I have always had a lot of respect for Jimmy, but after the sound bite below…..the respect level is off the charts. (sorry about the video quality)


Jimmy Houston is a world class stud in my opinion. He caught enough fish on both of his shows to paint a different picture of how he did, but he manned up and called it what it was…..Fishing.


Gracias Senior Jimmy


I am on Falcon tomorrow with my good friend Scott. His buddy, Russ, wasn’t able to make it down this time. He has a little one that I would like all of us to include in our prayers. The lil guy is fighting off pneumonia and from what I hear is doing a damn good job of it and is back to eating. Hope to have a positive report from Falcon and from Russ tomorrow.




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