A Highstakesbassin.com record has fallen…..

…….drum roll please…….




Brian shattered the old record of 4 catfish caught in a single trip. He single handily took down that mark on his own by landing 5, yes 5 cats. LOL. What a straight up crazy day. The wind forecast last night called for 28 mph wind gusts. Sooooooo I made the call to launch South. Well the wind gusts were closer to 8 than 28 and we ended up fishing on the North end of the lake more than the South……ugh. We caught plenty of fish today and one spot in particular we caught em every cast for about 10 minutes. Problem was size and it was a BIG….SMALL problem.




and our double….




I don’t have enough photoshop skills to turn these runts into 5 lbers……lol. We called it a day around noon, as they had a 6 hour drive ahead of them.




Total bass caught: 20 ish

Total catfish caught: 5

Best 5: about 18lbs…yes that’s not a typo. I told you it was a crazy day.

Kicker: 5.14

Walrus bites: O for 2……crankbaits, grrrrrrrrrrrr


I love ya Falcon……..today was tough love, but still love.








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