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A near EPIC day on Falcon Lake.

Today started with me giving Kirby a pitching lesson. Literally my first pitch while showing Kirby how it was done….bang, fish. I thought to myself, “man we are going to catch a 100 today!!!!” They didn’t get another bite in that area. I could tell Pitching and flipping was a little out of my man Kirby’s comfort zone. I opted to get some open water in front of him and also get him bit. We made a pretty long run and mission accomplished. Everyone got bit and everyone was on the board. After the skunk was safely removed from the boat we moved around a bit and hit a couple spots that were dyno freaking mite. It was ON like 1986……

donkey kong

Then it happened…..Kirby chunked his spinnerbait out and blam. He hollers out it’s a big one! Listen, I’m thinking 5 maybe 6 pounds big and really hoping that it wasn’t just caught up in a bush. I hollered get her out of there and here she came.

flying walrus

I have not seen a MEGA Walrus like that on Falcon in months. You actually have to go all the way back to the incident back on July 30th of this past year.


Here is the link to the story that day.


Kirby was heartbroken when she came unglued and here was the satellite imagery of me.


It was a Dr. Phil moment at He wanted to know if he had done anything wrong. Truth is he did everything right. Leaned into her good with the spinnerbait hookset? Check. Rod tip high with steady pressure? Check. Got her tail walking above the nasty bushes? Check. It just wasn’t Mr. Kirby’s time to boat his fish of a lifetime…..simple as that. I have one more day on Falcon with these guys and I can not wait to get out there tomorrow. We took a few pics today. Most of our fish were between 2 and 4 lbs.

IMG_1998.JPG IMG_1997.JPG



See ya’ll tomorrow.




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