A lost crankbait….

….well today was just beautiful. Perfect wind and temperature, one thing is for sure we did not get one single big bite today. We caught 22 fish and 21 of them were under 3 lbs. I finally caught a 5 lb’er later in the day in state park cove….. Go figure. Waylan and his dad Jerry were fun as heck to fish with today. I get a lot boats that stop and scan the areas I fish. That is part of the business for better or for worse. 99.9% time I smile and wave. On more than one occasion I have had folks come up to and ask if I was 10lbs or bust from the fishing forums. I certainly don’t mind that. Well today a nice new Phoenix bass boat does the circle around me and then throws the TM down within 20 yards of me. The two guys troll up beside us and the one fella looks at me and says, “sorry we lost a crankbait over here.”(we are in the middle of nowhere) I stare at him not saying a word as I watch him troll around us looking at his fish finder the entire time. They get directly behind my boat and start throwing at our marker. I turned the boat and asked him if he found his crankbait. We got to an understanding and he left the area. I honestly don’t know what that guy was thinking, but Waylan, Jerry, and I all got a good laugh out of it. Thanks again for the opportunity fellas. I hope to see you all again real soon.

Total fish: 22
Best 5: about 16 lbs
Kicker: my 5 and change (if you want to call it a kicker… Lol)

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