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Falcon Report

A livewell surprise and Paydirt.

By August 7, 2012No Comments

Well I spent 5 hrs today mapping and scanning. I covered a lot of great looking water with minimal results. I did however find two spots that were nothing short of spectacular. Spots that you live for. 10 lb’er? Yes. 40 lb sack? Awful close if it wasn’t. Great story on the 10 pounder. (first since June that was boated) I was fishing tree tops with a 5xd and hung the giant. I got her out of two different trees and moved the boat into the channel. She came out of the water twice and on the second aerial display I ran for the livewell to get it filled up. I opened the well and barfed in my mouth. Yes threw up. Fruit flies came flying out every which way. So now I have to remove my buff and fight the walrus. Ugh. You say what’s the deal with the livewell? I had clients at some point leave their mickey d’s in there. Yes it was a science experiment like non other. So I scrapped the livewell idea. I boated the fish and she swallowed the 5xd all the way to her gullet. I grabbed the dikes and cut the back treble hook off and threw her back as quick as could. Bummed out that I got no official weight, but wanted to get her swimming ASAP. I don’t think she would of beat my PB of 12-2, but damn she was big. I crushed the fish for about two hrs in an area the size of a football field. It was fun to find some new water that was loaded up. Off to sea world. See ya in a few days 🙂