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Falcon Report

A keypad with no power, Mr. Jim Behnken, and the Jims go out in style

By January 16, 2014No Comments

We show up to the dock and back the boat into the water. I hit the 1234 START and nothing. 1234 START and…..yes you guessed it, nothing. My keypad was not enabling me to start my dang boat. I checked some connections and fuses in the back and nada. And hey let’s be clear my pops was MacGyver before there was a TV show. Me on the other hand?

waynes world


Yeah……..nets, props, trolling motors, batteries…..I’m cool. Anything else not so much. As luck would have it Jim Behnken passed me as I was leaving and he called to see what was up. I turned it around to go have him take a look. Here is a pic of Jim that I took upon arrival.





Jim saved the day for sure. He made a phone call to his Ranger connection and we unplugged the positive wire from the battery and waited 30 seconds. Put the positive wires back on and presto we were in business. Thanks again Jim!!!!


Let’s talk fishing for a minute. After the late start we found the fish not biting well at all. Then slowly but surely they started to chew and by the end of the day we put together another good day. We could of had a monster day, but yours truly got embarrassed twice at the end of the day and once earlier in the day. We decided to move shallow at the tail end of the trip and throw spinnerbait and traps. Well I had two straight up beasts destroy me. I hate fishing that jungle crap. You have to get so dag gone lucky to get a giant in from that stuff…..especially casting a trap through it. I got lucky a few days back when I boated that 7 lber on the trap. She was very cooperative. These two today were anything but. The other fish was in open water and she still beat me. I didn’t get a look at this one though, but can promise you she was legit.





See anything missing? Yep, she ripped the front treble off. At first I thought she broke me off. I was more than bummed. The Jims had a dang good day through all the cold spells we had. I have to give these men credit. They saw Falcon at it’s absolute worst this week and never blinked or backed down. Here’s Jr. with a dang good fish from today.





And Sr. was not to be outdone with his own 7 lber…….





Most of the fish we boated were like the double that they caught below.





Once again, the brush hog was the ticket and was far and away our best producer.


Jim and Jim, can’t thank you fellas enough for sticking with me this week. Drive safe…..that trip back to Indiana will not be fun in the weather you guys are going to be driving through.