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Falcon Report

A fun relaxing day on the water with Gary…….Mom’s pep talk

By February 13, 2013No Comments



….NO, NO, NO, not that Gary……


This Gary…




Gary caught several fish like the one above today. (3 to 4.5 lb range) He also managed a very nice 6 lb 4 oz beauty for our kicker fish of the day. We could have had a VERY good day, but…….


This guy….



Turned me into a…..




I am in a slump folks, thankfully we weren’t in a tourney today cause ole Gary would have kicked my !@#. Today I made…..


mendoza 78T_NEW


…..look like a Hall of Famer.


I am very happy with the day though as the wind was rrrrrrrrrriping¬†until 1 o’clock. I hunkered down on a spot that was loaded full of fish and to be honest I should have just stayed there until the end. I made a move with two hours to go and none of the areas I wanted to fish were available. Now the “spots” were open, just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay¬†to close to other boats for my liking. We didn’t boat a fish the last two hours after moving around a bit to find another spot that had active fish. Gary caught fish on everything today this side of a Banjo Minnow. The kicker came on a citrus shad 6xd, along with a few other fish on it…..yeah, yeah, yeah I just told you yesterday to move that to the side….lol. oooooooooooooops.


Weeeeeell I get a phone call from the MOM’S. Topic? She says I am being to hard on myself in these reports…….lol. So Mom here is a video JUST for you.



Love ya Mom!!!