….NO, NO, NO, not that Gary……


This Gary…




Gary caught several fish like the one above today. (3 to 4.5 lb range) He also managed a very nice 6 lb 4 oz beauty for our kicker fish of the day. We could have had a VERY good day, but…….


This guy….



Turned me into a…..




I am in a slump folks, thankfully we weren’t in a tourney today cause ole Gary would have kicked my !@#. Today I made…..


mendoza 78T_NEW


…..look like a Hall of Famer.


I am very happy with the day though as the wind was rrrrrrrrrriping¬†until 1 o’clock. I hunkered down on a spot that was loaded full of fish and to be honest I should have just stayed there until the end. I made a move with two hours to go and none of the areas I wanted to fish were available. Now the “spots” were open, just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay¬†to close to other boats for my liking. We didn’t boat a fish the last two hours after moving around a bit to find another spot that had active fish. Gary caught fish on everything today this side of a Banjo Minnow. The kicker came on a citrus shad 6xd, along with a few other fish on it…..yeah, yeah, yeah I just told you yesterday to move that to the side….lol. oooooooooooooops.


Weeeeeell I get a phone call from the MOM’S. Topic? She says I am being to hard on myself in these reports…….lol. So Mom here is a video JUST for you.



Love ya Mom!!!









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