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A fun morning of golf with Mr. Law

It’s been too long since Tommy and I have hit the course to chase the little white ball around and shoot the shit. It’s always fun and just like the last time I played with Tommy, he was on fire and me? Not so much. This was the second time in as many outings that I couldn’t even finish the round because my back. Didn’t hurt it too bad, but it gave me plenty of warning to chill out and I did. Of course Tommy and I talk about damn near everything….most of which has nothing to do with fishing, but we did talk a lot about Falcon and Sugar Lake today. Folks both lakes are fishing very well and it’s fun to talk about both places. Sugar Lake, let there be no question, is just silly. If you are thinking about a trip to Mexico you really need to do yourself a favor and email or call Tommy. I’m serious……now listen I know Mexico isn’t for everyone and there is certainly plenty of fish to catch here on Falcon, but if you are thinking Mexico and I am talking ANYWHERE in Mexico you owe it to yourself to call Tommy. I will be going over to Sugar with Tommy a week from Wednesday and we will be doing a lot of scouting and trying to find as many spots as possible. Sugar has picked up an incredible amount of water and is in fantastic shape. I also will be helping Tommy with a 4 person trip on Sugar on November 5th and 6th. This is a trip with Tommy’s clients and I am helping Tommy and I am very appreciative of the jobs too. I know this kind of opens me up a bit for some of you to not be very happy with me and I’m sorry. This is NOT my trip and I am still not taking clients over to Sugar. I am simply helping a friend. If you are a client of mine and want to fish Sugar please call Tommy, you will not regret it. I am on Falcon tomorrow with Joe and his friend…….. can’t wait.






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