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A fun day with Sir James

I hit the water mid morning with James from Falcon Lake Tackle. Hey I’m not going to lie to you all……it’s an excuse to get out of the house and shoot the shit, giggle, laugh and catch a few fish to boot. We fished a few areas that I had not been in since the end of February, first part of March. Some of those areas were straight up loaded today. We are talking every cast loaded. Did we catch anything over 3 lbs? Nah……James broke the line on one that had some promise, but other than that it was mostly 0.5lb to 2.5lbs. Don’t let me fool ya, it was still a blast. I love catching fish and you never know when ole Wendy Walrus will show up.



The girlies are both getting ready for their big first day of school. Sierra is off to the middle school and Madison is a 3rd grader this year. I sure am blessed that they LOVE school. Me? I hated it…..I know, I know……I taught school, but I taught for that very reason. I wanted to make a difference in those children’s lives that didn’t necessarily have the ability or infrastructure at home to be successful in the classroom. Luckily I had the best teacher on the planet that was also my Mother. I was always good with numbers. (hence being a Math specialist/teacher) Everything else? Good grief it was a struggle. My mom deserved a medal of some sort, you can believe that.


I have a few spots on the South end of the lake that I need to check at some point this week……I’ll let you know what I find.




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